Unto the Third Generation – part 7

Edward was over seventy, old and unwell.  He passed the company in equal parts to his four sons.

Eric,  who had worked in the business for the past plus thirty years was angry. Little David, who had lived easy, who had gone to University, and did nothing, had as much control of the company as he did.

When Eric complained to father, explaining that with equal shares they had  equal votes and David had no idea how to run a business, Edward didn’t listen.

It was clear that David was the beloved one, he was the ‘Cain’ in the story.

Eric’s marriage to Amanda had long ended. She moved away with their kids  and remarried. He had no contact with her, with his children, or even with his life.

Eric had been a working machine since he was fourteen, and received nothing for it.

At the age of forty five, Eric had enough.

He told his mother he was going to sell his shares and leave the country. When she could not dissuade him, she bought his shares at market value, selling properties Edward had bought in her name, (to escape taxes) to pay him.

Giving him the money she told him;

“When you go, don’t tell me where you are going because David will ask and I don’t want to lie to him.”

This confirmed Eric’s assessment of his family.


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Written by jaylar

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