Unto the Third Generation – part 5

As Edward had been able to gain contracts both with private and public concerns, which granted him monopolies in a number of areas,  he became a multi-millionaire. Eric was much like him, hard working, shrewd, capable.

Sam and John, not so much.

They could follow orders, they could stick to protocols, but when it came to innovation or insight they were lacking.

David knew nothing about anything, but behaved in a repulsive pompous manner, living off money he didn’t earn, and spending it lavishly.

David was the proto-type for all the grandchildren that Edward and Nanc Yhad. Children born into money who never knew lack. Who felt the world owed them and treated people not of their status like dirt.

Eric had tried to engage his children, but Amanda objected and they divorced, she taking them far from him and getting a restraining order. Her revulsion with actual work was mirrored by the wives of Sam and John, and of course, David.


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Written by jaylar

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