Unto the Third Generation – part 14

While Sam and John suffered at the helm of the businesses, constantly  annoyed by David, who knew nothing about anything, and their bratty  ‘entitled’ children, Eric lived.

He ran his guest house while his wife, Beverly, continued to teach and shared the raising of their children.

Beverly  would work until near delivery then have the baby.   If it were close  upon summer break, she would take the following year as a maternity  break.  If it was during the school year, she would have the baby, take a week and finish the term,   before taking a break.

Eric spent all his time with his children.   Although he had been married before, and had three children with his ex-wife, he had never been a real  father. He had sacrificed his family for work, he had been more focused on production and contracts and expansion then on his  children.

Not now.   Now his family and children came first.

Aware of the errors made in his first batch of useless brats,  he raised his children as average.  They didn’t know their father was Eric Rashford, multi-millionaire.   He was Eric Nathan, owner of a minor guest house.

They grew up as normal citizens of their country, with ambition and dreams, having no more than any of their classmates.

They grew up with responsibilities and a sense of having to stand on their own feet.

Although Eric had a great deal of money gaining interest in a bank, he never mentioned it to his wife or children.  He wanted them to learn how to  work for a living, how to save, how to plan for the future.   He wanted them to have ambition and become something.

His sons more than fulfilled his expectations.


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