Undocumented Migrant Workers; the Back Bone of American Farms

President Trump rages against those undocumented aliens who illegally enter America, stirring up the racist heart of America. He talks in this manner because he has no idea that these people are the backbone of agriculture in America.His policies will have a devastating effect on the various farms throughout America.

For there are not many Americans willing to do Farm Work.

The fact is, going back to World War II, there were not enough persons willing to do farm work in America. This led to various intergovernmental agreements with what was then the British West Indies to bring workers from the Caribbean, feed and house and pay them to do the planting and harvesting.

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After the war, the  program was replaced by  individual contracts between American employers  who received  authorization from the Immigration and Naturalization Service to recruit workers from the West Indian islands.

In 1952 the Department of Labor, under section H-2A of the new Immigration Nationality Act, authorized American employers to contract with West Indian men for farm work.

The H-2A program permitted American farmers to hire foreign workers if they could prove that no domestic workers wanted the jobs, and it gave employers complete discretion in where and how to recruit workers.

Since 1952, American employers have recruited in Jamaica, St. Lucia, St.Vincent, Dominica, and Barbados, although Jamaicans have remained the largest group of West Indian farmworkers.

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These workers are recruited in the home countries with the full knowledge of the governments of those islands. The employer must pay air fare and the wages are set, 10% being remitted to the governments to be held for the workers until their return.

These labourers pick citrus fruits  and cut sugarcane in Florida, while others pick apples in New York and in New England.

Under the H-2A provisions the employers must provide housing, food, wages,and any mistreatment of  farm workers is actionable.

It is obvious that it suits American farmers to get the undocumented workers who have to find their own  route to the farm, pay their own housing, food and can be paid off the books.

Getting the illegal alien means the  American farmer would not  have to pay air fare, provide transportation,  and can pay the undocumented ‘illegal alien’ what he choses.

The savings to the American Farmer is great, the exploitation of those illegal aliens is legend.

While Trump rages and blusters, American farmers, primarily in those states which support him, are worried. To lose those undocumented migrants means they will have to expand their farm work programs.

Which is, of course, going to cost the Farmers more, and the cost will be passed on to the consumers.

Jamaica and other Caribbean countries which participate in the Farm Work program will, of course benefit.


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  1. For there are not many Americans willing to do Farm Work, I beg to differ with this statement my friend
    those that cross the boarder with out being LEGAL is harming the VERY THING america STANDS for &
    that’s our jobs our money & our livelihood. that’s the WHOLE idea to come in LEGAL & get a better PAY
    for the work they do LEGALLY the way it is now they getting PAID a lot LESS than they would be if they were legal, so I’m not buying the fact that trump is doing the wrong thing he’;s doing JUST what NEEDS to be done.

  2. I’m confused by your use of the term “undocumented”. I understand undocumented to mean that we have people who come across our borders with no type legal document which shows that they could and not only that but they find employment working on our farms. That means whoever hired their labor doesn’t have documents for them to work either! In other words, they don’t have the legal right to work in this country.

    The situation described in your post indicates that there is an “international agreement” which allows laborers from the West Indies to work on American farms. That agreement is a document. Hence, those laborers are NOT undocumented.

    I’m not an immigration lawyer but that’s how I see it.

    • You are exactly right. Those who come in illegally are undocumented. They do work on many of the Farms. Those who are documented, who are in America on a H2 VISA also work on the farms.

      The difference is the cost to the Farmer in paying air fare to and from Jamaica for a 1000 people, and having to feed and house them, (and being under scrutiny to avoid infractions) and those Farmers who hire the undocumented from whom it is no more than a day’s pay with no contract, no responsibility.

      By rounding up and removing the undocumented and sending them back, this would require the importation of more H2 Farm Workers.

      This means the cost to the employer will rise..

      Many Farmers will get a number of workers on the H2 VISA but also hire illegals whom they keep off the books, and pay cash.

    • THANK you for stating that, & your right those that are working Illegal is working UNDER the table, that MEANS they don’t get a PAY CHECK they get cash that’s being taken from the ones
      that ARE legal to work. :>{ & that’s not fair or right.

      • That is a key point. If the Farmers weren’t hiring and paying illegals, they wouldn’t come and more H2 VISAs would be issued. The point is, American farmers want to cut corners and save money.

        Right now, if you go to a section of the Ministry of Labour in Jamaica, you’ll see a pile of people lining up to apply to do Farm Work. We can easily fulfill all the labour requirements.

        However, the American who is taking them has to pay air fare and is responsible to house and feed them.

        By cutting out the air fare and housing and feeding they save money by hiring illegals. And that is why there are illegals.

      • The significant factor is that these migrants are running for their lives so run up a hill or across a border for safety. They know there is work in America, they know they will make more money in a few months than they would if they had a job in their homelands.

        American employers know this. They know that where if they hire someone with a social security card they have to pay so much per hour, give so many days off, pay for holidays, etc.

        They know if they hire an illegal they can pay a fraction, no taxes, and be responsible for nothing.

        Until the spot light is put on those who hire illegal aliens building a wall will only have them landing by boat.


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