The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Hamer – Book review

The touching story of separation and sorrow. The worst nightmare of each parent is kidnapping a child. Do you know that every two minutes in Europe disappears one child and that number is 250,000 per year? In the US about a million! As a mother of two children, but also as a person, as a human being, such news disturbs and worries each time. Because, every mom’s greatest fear is insecurity of her children, the fear that something can happen to them, right? We all feel that way.

Such news makes me very upset and sad. It is terrible when something or someone violently separates parents and children and when a parent has no answers or traces and can not help his/her child. This happened to a single mother, Beth, who had been in a horrible stupid and anxious condition for a year after her husband left her. After divorce, maybe because of the feeling of sadness and loneliness, Beth is beginning to become more afraid for her little girl.

One day mother and daughter, Beth and Carmel, sat on a train and went to the nearby town on a Festival. In one moment, the little girl is gone. She went missing. Beth is in despair mixed with a terrible feeling of guilt. She is judging herself: how could she be so foolish and lose her daughter? Who could kidnap her little girl? I will not tell anything else, you will have to read the book for yourself to find out what has actually happenned.

Kate Hamer has written a touching, poetic and emotional novel that keeps you intense, but it wil also make you cry. It is impossible not to be emotional in this kind of situation.  The Girl in a Red Coat was the best book on in 2016. The novel has been translated into twenty languages.

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  1. Yes, a horrible thing to happen. So awful. I”ve always wondered what happened to the girl Madeline in Spain. She had english parents. They had their children in bed in a hotel and went to a restaurant. Then Madeline was taken.
    This was years ago. Not long ago after that event, a look alike Madeline girl turned up in New Zealand but the man swore it was not the same girl.


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