The Good Girl by Mary Kubica – Book review

Another thriller to which we could add a subtitle – “Nothing is how it seems.” Family secrets are being revealed by Mia’s disappearance. Young teacher Mia Dennett disappears. The last time she was seen is in the evening, in a bar from which she went with an unknown man. Her father is a prominent and wealthy judge James Dennett, whom many consider to be arrogant. This is how he behaves when Mia is being declared missing – he thinks that she planned to dissapear in order to upset her family. Bit by bit we discover secrets of this respectable and wealthy family.

Did Mia escape, was she abducted, raped or killed? She is not killed, we find out that (with relief) quickly. Mia was found, but in what state and why does she not remember anything? No, it’s not a simple abduction, and what really happened, will shock you.

The Good Girl is an excellent psychological thriller. In each chapter we go into the” heads “of characters and through their thoughts we find out what happened. Each chapter recounts one of Mia’s close and less close relatives and friends, before and after fatal disappearance.

The conclusion is that this is a great book written by a young American writer Mary Kubice, which leaves no one indifferent . So hurry up, get this book and read it. It was already time for a thrilling thriller with a happy and unhappy solution. This is a tense thriller with both happy and unhappy ending.

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