The Good Suicides by Antonio Hill – Book review

The Good Suicides is a great continuation of the previous Hill’s novel, written by combining the old-fashioned narrative mode and social-political opportunities of today’s Spain. He particularly addresses the fate of the middle class during an economic downturn, paying attention to recent discoveries of the controversial role of clergy in cases of illicit adoption of babies that shook Spain. This is another very fascinating novel by Hill.

The Good Suicides is an impatiently anticipated sequel to the phenomenal crime-thriller Summer of Dead Toys by Spanish author Antonio Hill. The plot is located in Barcelona and again follows the melancholic Argentinean detective Hector Salgado. Salgado is not yet well off with the disappearance of his ex-wife. As Hector was ordered to officially suspend the investigation, his brilliant associate Leire Castro, who is on a maternity leave, takes by herself an unofficial investigation of this case.

Really great book and I am anxiously looking forward to reading another of his great books. I highly recommend this book.
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  1. Franco really did a number on that nation, but then he did run it into the ground until the 70s. Guess the damage has taken a long time to heal…

  2. If the thriller The Dead Dead Toys of Spanish author Antonio Hill translated into Serbian , I will be obliged to read the book.
    Thank you for the information.