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After reading this book I almost had to drink some pill to calm down. I was so upset and shocked. I like to read about the fates of Jews from the darkest times of our history. Some of those I read ended in a happy way (if that word can be used at all for that dark period), but most are not. This book is not one of these with happy ending. But this is not the essence of this award-winning and brilliant novel by French writer David Foenkinos.

Anyway, I do not think all the books can be those with a happy ending. Suffering, falling and sorrow create the best novels. It is most important for me, through such stories, to know the truth, to meet people of a certain period, to enter into their lives and to realize how blessed I am to live in this time, living this blessed life.

Charlotte. Brief and clear title. We immediately know that the main character is a women. We want to meet her as soon as possible. This is not only story about Charlotte’s life, but this is the introduction to the author’s obsession with the true story of the worst time in human history. David also wrote a screenplay for the movie. David Foenkinos has delighted me with the novel “Delicacy” before, but this research novel is fantastic. So it’s no surprise that three million copies have been sold so far. So you must read this impressive portrait of an unusual woman who will end up in Auschwitz’s gas-chamber, 26-year-old pregnant woman. It mustn’t be forgotten ever, it must not be repeated. Never, to anyone!

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