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Photography and editing by oscarps

The first time I saw an image with color splashed called my attention very much. Then ask me, how will they achieve this result? For a long time I have tried to learn this technique and this is the result, personally I love it, not only because it is what I am but what I am enjoying doing this type of work. I will try to explain in a simple way the steps that usually follow in its realization.

#1 The indiscreet window by oscarps

Fill layers allow you to fill a layer with a uniform color, gradient or pattern. Unlike the adjustment layers, the fill layers do not affect the layers below.

An adjustment layer applies color and tone adjustments to the image without permanently changing the pixel values. The tonal and color adjustments are stored in the adjustment layer and applied to all layers below it.

#2 Color Splash nº1

I always make my photos in RAW format, this allows me to modify all the parameters of the image, brightness, contrast, saturation and others. Once obtained this image I proceed to edit it, I usually work with photoshop, for me the best of the photographic editing programs.

#3 Color Spalsh nº2

After editing it with a Raw filter and passing it to the main desktop, I run a series of previous tasks, one of which is to create a black and white layer mask. This is like masking the original background of my image, but as the words say is only something that is on it, actually my image with color is still there.

#4 Color Spalsh nº3

Then with a brush tool, with a great hardness, using a lot of zoom to unmask the actual colors of the image, I begin to unmask the color where I am interested, for me this is the most fun part, although it requires patience and precision, whenever I move from what I want to highlight correcting by hiding again in black and white errors.

#5 Color Spalsh nº4 . Final score.

After performing this step, I execute the action of Dodge and Burns with which I accentuate the shadows and enhance the lights, then step back to the RAW Camera filter and finish editing the image, adding only small nuances. Then when I finish, when I like the result I make a copy already in JPG format to use in web pages or others. I hope you entertained a while, greetings friends.

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