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Monument to film Star Karl Malden in Belgrade

Robin Biznis Novembar 15.2018 Belgrade

A monument dedicated to the American actor Karl Malden of Serbian origin will be discovered in the cinema hall of the Yugoslav art house  in November 20.2018.Born as Mladen George Sekulovich March 22. 1812 year inChicago, Illinois, USA.The actor cultivated great love for the origin of his country that he was even banned from visiting the former Yugoslavia.Preparations are being made to build a memorial in the city of Bileca , where its ancestors are encouraged.And to America where he lived And work will be set up.In the Oscars Museum in New York and in the Temple of St. Sava and the USA , state of Indiana.He helped this temple generously.Michael Douglas and James Woods are likely to arrive in Belgrade, though it is not safe for everyone to witness the fire in California. Malden had a very rich film work.

The artist makes a monument

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For the first time he appeared as an actor in 1937 in New York City on Broadway .

The first movie They Knew What They Wanted was recorded in 1940 and the last Nuts in 1987.In 2000, he made a TV series; “Take This Sabbath Way”,

He was well-known for his nose-nosed nose, which he “earned” by playing sports, and then stated that he was the only Hollywood actor a  quote-“who deserves a sticker for parking for disabled people.”

With his wife, he was 70 years old in a marriage with two daughters and four grandchildren.

Oscar winner.

Thank you Karl for all yours films and good deeds.


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  1. I have always liked Karl Malden. But I was clueless about his background. There are many American actors I’ve always admired and I never really gave any thought to their ancestry or heritage. To me, they were just American! I think that’s the beauty of living in America. It is a beautiful thing to be proud to be an American and proudly honor your heritage from another country. We can be united and not let the differences in our heritage divide US. After all, with the exception of the Native Americans, everybody in America is from somewhere else and yet in this land, we are equal. It’s really cool when the citizens of one country honor their own who left home and became successful in another country but did not forget their roots.

  2. Yes I remember the good old days movies with Karl Malden. I must admit that I did not know he was of Srbian descent, but I also have to admit I am totally uneducated on movie or TV trizia and news. I agree with you, he was well recognized as an actor but also because of his unique nose. It is great to hear that he will be famously honored.