Hungry Angry Lonely Tired; JuNoWriMo Day Nine

“Never let yourself get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. It might H.A.L.T. your progress towards sobriety,” was some great advice I was given years ago, when I first started looking at how I would escape the alcohol and the other drugs.

It turns out to be very helpful.

Each of those situations are weak-spots for anyone re-discovering feeling Human without some sort of chemical support. The point is, like most great suggestions, simple and direct to the point.

As for Hungry, just eat something. Of course you might want to try and eat what’s healthiest for you but the point is to eat something – even if it’s nothing but – and every crumb of – a German Chocolate bundt cake.

An easy way to make sure you don’t get too hungry is simply to have on-hand some kind of snack. A bag of trail mix or a couple cans of sardines can often be found in my backpack (even when I don’t need them it’s very often I encounter someone who does and I do enjoy sharing food).

Ideally, you just need to get on a regular, consistent eating pattern but we all know how life throws curveball after knuckleball at any attempt to do right by yourself so, be prepared and keep some food around wherever you are.

Getting too angry can throw your thinking off very quickly, so keep your temper in check, too. A couple of things which have helped me get my anger under control are 1) Eliminate the self-deception (Quit telling yourself lies); and 2) Know that anger is actually a secondary response to hurt, fear, guilt or shame. Understanding what leads to anger puts you one step ahead of your emotions – which just so happens to be exactly where you want to be in the first place because drug addiction to any drug (INCLUDING ALCOHOL BECAUSE ALCOHOL IS A DRUG) in an outside-in/inside-out game. Now, sometimes life will just kick you in the (uh-huh) and you will face situations like injustice and such where anger is actually quite a healthy and normal response.

It’s not “wrong” at all for anger to arise in such situations and in fact, anger is one of the three components of valor (those components being love, fear and anger combined – Betcha didn’t know that huh).

Appropriate anger can save your life.

It’s just important you control your feelings and not let your feelings control you.

Loneliness is a tough one for most. Not everyone is as un-bashful as I am. I can and will (and often have) approached total strangers and strike up a conversation as if we have known one another our entire lives. People respond to it well, too.

Try it. See what I mean. The best opening line is to smile, look them in their eyes and say, ” Hello. How are YOU?” Then, let them answer.

If you’re not comfortable approaching people (and why would you not be you gorgeous hunk of Human? People LOVE you!) Try this: When anyone comes near you which you’d like to talk to, look right at them, wide-eyed, as if there’s an extra head growing out of their neck. When they ask you why you’re staring at them, calm your eyes, smile and say “Oh. Nothing.” Then start up the conversation.

My goodness, this one topic alone could be a library of books, itself. It’s my best topic.

Being too Tired is dangerous, too. Fatigue is a cruel companion and horrible teacher. So, get your rest during your sleeping hours, as consistently as you can and naps are your friend.

A 10-minute power nap can really give you a boost of energy unlike the best energy drink on the market today.

I hope these tips help anyone who is looking for guidance and support in getting clean and sober. I speak from experience and not from the back of my neck because my mouth knows better.

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Others are welcome to add to this in the comments, as long as your information is good. If it’s bogus, it will meet a challenge.

Questions are more than welcome.


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  1. Wonderful advice you have given. Everyone should read this, even if you are not in recovery. In life, we are all trying to get over or through something I believe. Life has thrown lots of curveballs my way. I am learning how to dodge them and get through the aftermath.

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