Being Sociable Is New to Me Again; JuNoWriMo Day Thirteen

I used to be a happy, chatty guy.

It’s not that I’m going about my life to be mean. It’s just that life has a way of wearing a soul thin at times and, while I really have no malice for others, I just can’t stand being all fake happy and cheerful all of the time.

In the Havamal is a saying “A wise heart is seldom cheerful.” I don’t have an aim of being the wet blanket at a party. I just don’t go to parties. I don’t want to take most peoples’ joy. I’m just seeking my own moments of joy.

And I hate encountering those who would take my joy from me, or others’, too.

I’m not as happy-go-lucky as I once was as a child, before the drugs. But I am trying to be.

I am trying.

But, the world is no place for constant, chronic happiness. Sometimes the joy of living is expressed in tears – sometimes wrath – and it is all a part of living.

And as my Aunt Cleta says, “If life was fair, there would be funnel cake.” (apologies to those readers who might not understand a weird American’s humor.) She has always had one of the best senses of humor of anyone I know.

Some days, I find myself wanting to talk only to people older than me, for their wisdom. And others, I find myself only able to exchange laughter with babies, because they remind me of how I used to be.

I suppose the main thing is I remember to no longer isolate myself and verbalize and not internalize and do my damnedest to not run on assumptions about anyone.

The drugs had me to such a point that, I would sit in silence as others screamed at me desperately to wake up and “stop smoking that shit.”

To each and every one who tried to reach me, I thank you. I want you all to know, I too, also reach out to others in the same way, every chance I get, to attempt some sort of repayment to you.

I try to pass it on to the next soul.

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You don’t have to be completely alone.


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Written by DonaldPennington

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