How Times Change

In 1934, while married to her Second husband, Ernest Simpson, Wallis became the mistress of Edward, who was the Prince of Wales.

After he became King, Wallis divorced Simpson to marry him.

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This was a huge scandal. A woman who had two living ex-husbands, to marry the King!

Provoked to choose, he chose Wallis over the Crown, and abdicated in December 1936 to marry “the woman I love”.

This caused a great Scandal.

In 2017, Prince Harry became engaged to an American ‘commoner’, Meghan Markle, a divorced actress and everyone wished them well.

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Times have certainly changed.


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  1. Yes, the times have certainly changed, although Prince Harry is not the heir to the throne, which was the case with the future Edward VIII.

    Another interesting change is that Harry and Meghan are to be married in church (St George’s Chapel, Windsor), despite Meghan being a divorcee. This did not happen with the second marriage of Harry’s father, Charles, who married Camilla Parker-Bowles at a registry office prior to a church blessing (which was also my own experience, incidentally, although I make no claims to royal status!).

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