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Affirmation of the day

Yesterday in the class, there was a brief discussion about positive affirmations. Law of attraction says that your thoughts have the capability to change your life. You manifest in your life what you think. Positive thoughts attract positivity in your life. When you truly desire something then the universe helps you towards fulfilling your desire.

I feel that we work whole-heartedly towards achieving something if we really want something badly. We are positive towards it and so we make all the efforts. But if doubts and negativity sets in then we won’t be able to give our 100% to any task.

I am going through a rather low phase in my life but I try my best to keep my positivity alive. I keep telling myself that this is just a passing phase and everything will change for the better. Every morning, I write daily affirmations in my diary and before going to bed at night, I write my daily gratitude. This habit has helped me a lot in staying optimistic and hopeful.

My affirmations for today:

  • “I love and approve of myself.”
  • “I am too precious to waste my time in self-pity and sadness.”
  • “I am a happiness magnet.”
  • “I am growing, expanding and thriving in my professional life.”


What do you think?

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