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A World of Learning

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What would this world be like if we could not learn or in other words we did not have the right to learn?  Learning is our right no matter race, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.  How did you learn? Did you learn from your parents or someone else?  Learning occurs with teaching whether good or bad for this is how we learn our various habits and skills.  The skills that we learn while in the home with our parents or in the classroom with teachers start with proper social skills, letters and numbers; colors and shapes and then moving on to more advanced skills in vocabulary and comprehension in the various disciplines from literature, science and math and the social studies.

We take what we learn from our parents and teachers as well as from community leaders and take these skills into the world and we choose what we want to do from the talents and interests that these various persons have given us.  Learning is about understanding what is happening around us and hopefully what we learn can help make changes in the world around us.  All we need is a chance to show what we can learn and/or teach.


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Written by 1Mark