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Weather disasters – 365 Photos Challenge ~ Day #6

I continue with 365 photo challenges. You shouldn’t be nominated but anyone who can join. Here are the rules from Artbytes in his 365 photos Challenge

I was thinking today. What have we done to our climate? I came to the conclusion that only damage, we destroyed it. Everywhere we hear about natural disasters. Our country was under the snow blanket two days ago. Then it started to rain, and now we have floods, avalanches, a wind that scatters trees, destroys electric lines, etc. Huge roads are closed due to floods, broken trees, stones … The temperature rose overnight from -6 degrees to + 15 degrees. In my vicinity the state of chance is still “normal”.


What do you think?

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Written by vidocka


  1. You are right, the weather is undergoing many changes today. I just do not know which is true, after a long debate of experts; Earth’s cycles are entering this stage naturally, or indeed we, humans have ruined our earth until it becomes what it is today. By the way, your cool photos look really fun.