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The Hell of Home-hunting

I’m writing this to try to get some relief from a pressing problem which has been plagueing me for some time now, and am still nowhere close to solving. I need to move out of my apartment, and still can’t find a new home. I have been looking so hard for new place for about the last 4 months, and am really getting to the end of my tether.

My landlady gave me notice to quit at the beginning of June, as she needs to sell this flat, and initially gave me until the end of August to find a new place. I have been searching really hard, making numerous enquiries everywhere, and have viewed a number of places, and still can’t find anywhere suitable.  The problem is, we have a big housing crisis here in the UK; there is a widespread national shortage of rented accommodation.  In addition to that, I lost my job earlier this year, so it’s very hard to find a landlord who will take me on since I am not working and claiming welfare. Most of the places available are in any case being advertised through letting agents, who have very stringent rules about who they will accept as a prospective tenant.  I have approached numerous agents, and drawn a blank with almost all of them up till now.  The only agent who agreed to take me is in a location so far away that I can’t consider it as a serious option. I am looking for somewhere ideally that is direct let from the landlord, like the place I am in at present, but it is very hard to find that.

This is an incredibly soul-destroying process to go through; I just want it so much to be over! I am yearning so deeply to find my new home. My landlady has twice extended my moving-out deadline; first till the end of September, then till the end of October. At this rate, it is looking like I  still won’t have found anywhere by the end of this month, so I will have to ask for more time. I hate being in this kind of limbo, and don’t know what to do, other than what I am already doing. The emotional strain I am under at present is huge. 

Please everyone, send me your positive vibes and prayers! So that I can find my new home soon. 

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Written by Maggie Bailey

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  1. Thank you Ghostwriter. That is what I have been doing for the last 4 months, expecting the best, being as positive as possible. So far it hasn’t worked, but hopefully I’ll get a breakthrough soon! My landlady has just given me yet another time extension: she says I can have until the end of November now. I think this is the last possible postponement I will get though, since my landlady has now sold her house and needs to move back in here. So I’ve really got to find somewhere within the next couple of months. Fingers, and everything else, tightly crossed!

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