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Thank you Challenge- Thanks Alex Ledante

First, the picture with this post isn’t Alex’s although it could easily be. It is, it was done by one of my twins. They love the world of Dungeons and Dragons. They love drawings and talking about D&D. It is from that experience that I experience the wonderful art shared by Alex!

Alex asks tough questions. I know when I post technology posts Alex chimes in with another thing to consider.

But, Alex is always respectful. When he got into a dispute with another user he published a Mea Culpa!

Alex brings so much to our little community!

Thank you, Alex. Thanks for all the fun questions you asked! Thanks for all the tough questions you’ve asked. Thanks for the wonderful artwork.

Also thanks for helping me finish automating the lights in my office, so when you post the ones that scare me (artwork) I can turn on more lights!


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