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After the Storm – Color Crazy Challenge Rainbow

Here is my entry for the Color Crazy Challenge Rainbow. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kim Johnson for coming up with this challenge, it’s been a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, my current Oz work doesn’t feature rainbows so you’ll have to make do with this much older attempt at the theme…

#1 work in progress

The full title is actually "Rainbows Come Only After the Storm..." which captures the theme of this piece quite handily, although it is a little long winded for a title. Speaking of long winds, since Dorthy Gale is from Kansas it seemed like she should dress the part but why the Witch of the East had ruby cowboy boots is a mystery to me

Another thing I'm not too sure about is whether the lion is a Moreau hybrid or a lycanthrope or what. But I am quite certain that the Scarecrow and Tinman are golems. And that this one is wild at heart and crazy on top. Some other goodies in there for those who like to analyze and speculate

What do you think?

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