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Sharing is Caring Share-a-thon: Today's Shares!

I slacked yesterday on sharing content from Virily, but today I want to make up for it.  I’m going to start out by saying that I will be sharing today, so look out!

I also want to say thank you to everyone that has participated in the Share-a-thon so far!  Your participation helps us all.  The more sharing we do on social media or even by just sharing links on Virily help authors pick up more hits.  More hits mean more money.  More hits also mean more satisfaction for advertisers.  Wouldn’t you rather advertise on a site with more page views vs. less page views?

Today I decided to honor older posts. Some of the authors you will recognize and some you may not.  That is the purpose of the challenge; to get more reads on those posts that go unnoticed!

The first post that I’m sharing today is by oscarps and titled, “Purple and lilac color by oscarps.”  I chose this article because purple is my favorite color!

Next up is an article by Kristina,“” I have to admit the photo of the monkey in the article hooked me!

Top5 Travel Destinations in the World” by Ana caught my eye as I love to travel.  However, travel has pretty much been halted with the Corona Virus outbreak worldwide this year.  It’s still an interesting read!

And last, but not least is“”by Wandrnrose7.  This is a great article with some helpful tips for  parents.

All of these articles were shared by me on either my Facebook account or my Twitter account.  Join in and help share some wonderful articles from other Virily authors!

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