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10 Ways To Entertain Toddlers

If you have a toddler, then you probably know they can’t stay still and need to be entertained all the time. So, in case you were missing out some ideas of how to keep them busy, keep on reading and find some of the best ways to entertain toddlers.

 1. Read Or Tell A Story

Using the toddler’s name instead of one the characters, make the story more engaging. Toddlers identify everything with themselves and enjoy imagining that they are in the story.

2. Memory Game

Hide several objects that the toddler is familiar with and send the child on a search mission. This activity creates excitement and surprise while teaching observation skills. You can hide the items with the toddler and then send the toddler to retrieve the objects once all objects are hidden.

3. Draw And Learn

Draw simple pictures then ask the toddler to name the item.  You don’t have to be Rembrandt to engage your toddler. Ask the toddler to suggest new ements to your artwork. Let the toddler finish your art and post it for display.

4. Fun Learning Numbers 1

Using 5 blocks, spoons or uniform toys create a game to identify the number.  Each time the toddler is correct draw a star and clap the number. For example say 3, the toddler guesses 3.  Draw three stars and clap three times.

5.  Take An Imaginary Trip

Using a plastic or paper plate. Provide one for the toddler and one for yourself. Instruct the toddler that you are taking a trip.  Sit on a chair, the floor or a sofa, to start a journey, or get up and walk around the house or yard.  Take an imaginary trip to familiar places. Make sure to use all the senses. For example, “Let’s drive to the store. What do you see? Can you hear the cars? Beep Beep!”

6.  Play A Traditional Game

Simon Says is a favorite for toddlers and young children and is a great method imparting listening skills. Award correct actions with praise or small awards.

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7.  Make Magic with Color

Toddlers love change, their development is moving swiftly.Using crayons, colored pencils, paint, food coloring or play dough with appropriate paper (scrap paper will do).Teach the toddler what happens when you mix colors. For example red and blue make purple, yellow and red make orange or red and green make yellow.

7. Connect the Dots

Making something from nothing but dots will surprise a toddler. Prepare a few simple objects that you can quickly draw the lines to connect the dots and let the toddler color or paint the finished shape.  Mix a variety of shapes or simple to identify objects. If art is not your forte, put your paper over a magazine photo to make your outline. Keep it simple!

8.  Open and Close

Toddlers love to explore what is in things. Find a few empty boxes and place a few items inside each box.  You can switch it up and place several treats in a box, too. If your toddler identifies the objects in on box, you can open a treat box for a reward.

9. Make Music

Toddlers are great musicians. Make a band with empty coffee cans, empty water bottles filled with cereal or beans (make sure the child can’t open the bottle if there is a choking hazard) and spoons. Play some music to use the new instruments or create your own.


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10.  Circle Game

Create a circle on the floor with string. Make the circle as large as the toddler. Direct the toddler jump in and out of the circle after demonstrating.  Demonstrate going around in the inside and the outside. Next, place toys inside and outside the circle. Ask the toddler to move toys from inside to outside and back again.

What are your tips and tricks to play with a toddler?


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