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Shadow Selfies: Just for Fun

I have rather grown to like shadow selfies. The first ones I took were accidental. But later I decided shadow selfies were fun. I could easily change my height and weight just by the time of day I took the photo and where I stood. How I dressed made little difference, and even a bad hair day was covered up. What’s not to like?

Here are some of my favorite shadow selfies. What do you think? Which do you like best?

I Take a Photo

I originally posted this for a Tsu challenge, but of course Tsu is no more, so I will let this photo of me taking a photo live here.  The building is our mobile home which we rent out on our Templeton property.

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I’m Joined by a Birch Tree.

In this photo I'm standing in front of the garage door at our Paso Robles house. I'm  sharing the photo with the shadow of our birch tree in the side yard next to the driveway. 

Look! I’m Taller Now

See how much  height I've gained in this late afternoon photo? I'm trying to photograph the remaining signs of a recent rain. I'm even transparent. You can look right through me and see the leaf the wind blew onto the sidewalk.

A Neighborly Chat about a Cat

Here I'm photographing a cat in my neighbor's yard -- the one with my favorite flower garden and the flowering trees in a previous post. We are discussing the cat, whom many neighbors feed. It visits many of the neighbors near that corner and seems to belong to all of them.  I usually see it at this neighbor's house.  

Do you have shadows or silhouettes to post? Join Kim's Just for Fun Challenge for this month. #jff

All text and photos are mine, ©B. Radisavljevic. Please do not use without written permission on any other site. 

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