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Tree Shadows: Just for Fun

Everything opaque can have a shadow when it blocks a light source shining on it. All plants have shadows unique to them. Trees cast large shadows. Flower shadows are usually more delicate. But baby trees can also cast delicate shadows. Such are the shadows of these young weedy trees of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) above. These trees can spread as fast or faster than even The Goldenrain Tree: A Tree I Love to Hate, which I wrote about here in a previous post.

Shadow of Tree at Paso Robles City Park

I took the photo above at Paso Robles City Park one day in November after most of the leaves had fallen. I’m not sure which kind of tree this is.

The photo above was taken at Laguna Lake in San Luis Obispo on a summer day. Many who are homeless hang out here and nap. Here I was only interested in the shadow of the tree and the dog who was partially touched by it.

Dog Caught in Tree Shadow at Larry Moore Park

Above is  another dog caught in a tree shadow. This photo was taken at Larry Moore Park near my home.

The photos above and below were taken of shadows from the same tree. This tree is a sycamore that lives next door to me. I took the first shot from my driveway, looking south.

I took the photo above while standing in front of the neighbor’s garage. The shadow of the sycamore was covering his driveway. This was during a period when the neighbor was in the process of converting his lawn to xeriscaping, so the lawn was gone and the large rocks you see were going to be used in the finished project.

Which photo do you like best?

Click this link if  you’d would like to join Kim’s Just for Fun Challenge on Shadows and Silhouettes.

All text and photos are mine, ©B. Radisavljevic. Please do not use without written permission on any other site.


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