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“Be Quiet!….”- Animal Challenge “If They Could…” Day#9

So many cute animals and so little time, said somebody once. Or, maybe it wasn’t related to animals, at all…..? Who cares, I found it suitable for opening. ? It’s day 9 of this cute and interesting Animal Challenge “If They Could….” and counting. There are so many things our furry friend would like to tell us, but unfortunately we’re too ignorant to understand them. That’s why we imagine what they would say to us and most of the time, we fail. But we made rules, so we pronounce ourselves for winners and go on guessing.


This is Djurdja. (Again, do not try to read her name. Ask Google translate to do it instead.) She is a big fan of Winchester family, so when we watch to the TV show “Supernatural”, she is an inevitable asset. While my daughter was finding desired episode and I was preparing coffee for two of us, Djurdja took the best possible place for watching to our favorite show. She stared like hypnotized expecting the show to begin. I asked to move a little, so I could sit and I could swear that she hissed: ” Be quiet! When Winchesters are here, nobody talks!” This TV show has such a bad influence on pets…..


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