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“Oh, My Human Sister….”- Animal Challenge “If They Could…” Day#15

This Animal Challenge “If They Could….” is for all animals, not only for cats, like someone could conclude from my posts. It’s just I have more cats than dogs, so that means more cat stories. ? It’s already day 15 and I still have a plenty of material to continue posting. If you want to join me, just click on purple letters above and you’ll find all about this interesting and funny challenge.


Negro likes cold weather, but doesn’t like short days and being alone in the yard. He also doesn’t like fireworks and people yelling on the streets. Especially in the dark.

That’s why he love to come in and chill out with cats and us two- my daughter and me. When he comes in, he is in doubt whether to stay in too warm room, or to go out on his own couch on the porch. While Dora is cuddling him, he is like: “Oh, my human sister, just let me be. This winter makes me depressed.”


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