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“Ten more minutes….”Animal Challenge “If They Could…” Day#11

Hello, folks!  Animal Challenge “If They Could….” still lasts so it’s not late to join us. All you need to do you’ll find if you click on purple letters above. I clicked a while ago and now I’m on the day 11th.


What is the thing that every cat on the world like to do? Sleeping! And what they do when they get tired of it? Sleep for a few more hours! ? Gisha is not different from his species. He likes sleeping and cuddling and more sleeping, above all. Especially if he managed to tuck into someone’s lap, or on hands, preferably when some important work is in progress. Waking Gisha is a really demanding task. He always pretend that he sleeps so tight that he can’t hear or feel anything. Except for the smell of his favorite food…

“Ten more minutes, you cruel human, just ten more minutes to sleep and I’ll get up. You’re so heartless. I hardly slept twenty hours today…”- complains Gisha every time. 😀


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