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Pulled by a Pump Boat

Pulled by a Pump Boat

A pump boat is an outrigger canoe powered by a small gasoline or diesel engine. Smaller pump boats might be powered by the sort of small single-cylinder engine used to drive a water pump. Larger ones are often powered by recycled automobile engines. –Wikipedia

On a river tour on Palina Greenbelt Ecopark here in Roxas City, a raft carrying about 30 people is pulled by a small pump boat. The tour takes about an hour on river which I believe a sanctuary for fishes and other marine life.

Then the raft is anchored somewhere on the shallow water where even toddlers could safely enjoy wading and swimming on the water. Unlike on other beaches where commercial resorts or even small scale  restaurants stands, the water is quite clean.

Thanks to the local community who maintains the ecopark and the local government unit that started this project.

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