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Professor Gold Search Engine or “Golden Death”~ 365 Photos Challenge ~ Day #5

As I was doing this, I thought about the profession of the “Golden Search Engine”. This is a very ancient profession. Whether there really are any forces that keep gold from remaining in the bowels of the earth. And that’s why many people have died in the whole world and gone to look for it. I think that today, one can not become a millionaire of this profession. But more and more ordinary people are starting to look for it. Is this entertainment or greed? I do not think anyone is doing it for entertainment. And they make it an excessive desire to acquire or own more than anyone needs. In my opinion, the saying “Better not touch gold to sleep peacefully” is very true. And I would never have crossed it. This profession is not for me.

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Written by lacho59

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  1. I totally agree with your principle, Elenka. Several years ago, the father of my nephew’s wife who had lived with me had visited. Hours after talking with him, he offered me an investment to mine gold in his neighborhood at Pongkor – West Java by demonstrating a fantastic advantage, I have turned him down. That’s the first time I declined the offer from which then he did repeatedly next time, again and again.

  2. Also not for me, Elenka. My wife’s great-great-grandfather left Ireland and travelled to California during the Gold Rush. He returned two years later and bought most of his home town. But somehow the wealth disappeared during the later generations 🙂

  3. Gold only has value because of its rarity – if it was far more abundant it would be worth much less. That means that finding it in small quantities is fine, but if somebody was to find a huge deposit that equaled all the gold already in existence, that would immediately halve the value of everyone else’s gold!

  4. There are a couple of places in the USA where you can try your hand at panning for gold. It’s at sites where prospectors have worked for a long time so, if you find anything, it won’t be much. You generally have to buy a ticket and rent the equipment so it will cost you more money than you have any realistic chance of finding. It’s just something to do for fun and the right to say you went panning for gold.


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