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Nieces & Nephews – 365 Photos Challenge #38

When people ask me when I am going to have kids I usually answer that my sister had kids on my behalf. Why is that you ask?

Because she has six of them, and I love each one of them as if they were my own.  Besides I have to meet the future husband first and there is still plenty of time for that.

Here is my sister with all her treasure.  Kids are a blessing from above and having so many of them is truly priceless.

Anyone can join in the fun of the 365 Photos Challenge,  just pick up your camera and start posting. Just be sure to read the Rules and Guidelines.

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  1. Next time that same question is asked from you, ask the person if he/she is willing to provide for all the expenses from pregnancy until the child finishes school hahaha and if he/she is willing to take care of the kid should you are not in the mood to do so lol

      • It is actually something I told my mom when she mentioned many moons ago that she would be happier taking good care of a grandchild from one of her daughters. I was the only daughter in front of her at that time. So, I assumed, of course, that it was directed to me. I said: “Awww Mama you know I would be happy to oblige if only you can promise me that all I ever need to do is to produce you a grandchild and that you will take of everything after that.” Hahahaha. She did not raise the same subject again. Lol!

          • I agree with that thought. A child is not something you can give up if you find it not to your liking and therefore it requires right reason. Oh well, anyway, I will catch up with many of your posts hopefully by next week. My WordPress blog is technically in hiatus since January 2. Lol