March 5 Choices 64 Tuesday

Today is going to be interesting. It is a doctor day. Because of the illness in our home once a month our doctor comes and spends the day. It helps to tell where we are with hospice, how is the house dealing with Alzheimer and the other health issues.

Her observation is that my husband is getting to the final stages. She suggested that he see any family members that he may recognize from his childhood. We won’t be able to do that until we get my medical testing done this next week.

So today I am going to dig through pictures and agree with whatever he says. Whatever memory he believes to be true, so will I. Today I am going to be gentle and kind. Today I am going to walk outside if I must cry. (He would try so hard to fix me.)

He likes Easter and there is Easter candy in the store, so I think I will make a quick trip and bring back and Easter basket. We’ll go through the photos again. He will share some story and no matter what he says it will be correct and perfect.

Today I choose to love what is, cherish the day and time,  and find peace among the chaos.

  • Do you ever cherish even the hard moments?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. I am so sorry.
    My father before he passed suffered from the horrible disease. I honor him to this day with my posts. But the emotion, the caring and the love you shared today goes even a step beyond that.

    You are a wonderful person, I wish you a good day!

    • I am simply blessed to have people like you understand and I am going to cherish every moment that I can any way I can. (Maybe that is why I react strongly to some things that doen’t matter. Maybe that helps me to cherish and be tolerant and grateful every day for what really matters.

      Thanks for taking the time. You will never know how much it means.