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Nature Tuesday!

Lady bug Lady bug fly away home, luckily  I snapped this one before it did fly away!

What do you call these? Lady bugs? Lady birds? 

Want to read some interesting Lady Bug Facts?

1. Lady bugs are named after the Virgin Mary. German’s call them Mary’s Beetles. 

2. Lady bugs are not bugs, but beetles. Same class as the bed bug or cicada. 

3. Some people call them birds, bishops or cows. 

4. They come in a variety of  colors and patterns. From the red, to orange, black, grey and even metallic blue. 

5.  They eat plant pests such as aphids, scale bugs, and mealybugs, and they have huge appetites: a single ladybug can eat 5000 aphids across its lifetime.


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    • Thank you Sandra. I do not like them, but think they are pretty. I was once attacked by a swarm of them. I was 7 years old and on recess in school. They almost covered my whole body, the all bit me at once. I was at school, and the PE instructor noticed what was happening, got them all off of me by rubbing me with a towel, then sent me to the nurse. I had welts all over my head face and arms. They really hurt when they bit.


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