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Nature Tuesday's Cold Beach Day… In JULY?

I finally have recovered from pneumonia! It has been one long month since I have been able to take the dogs out or go hiking. 

I found this wonderful waterfall to hike and we had planned on going there but when I looked up the weather for San Diego County I noticed that the waterfall hike and the weather temperature was supposed to be in the high 90’s. Way to hot for a six mile hike. Might have to wait for fall for that one. 

In our county the temperatures can vary greatly especially this time of year. Our marine layer of fog has been thick at the beach. The mountains and desert have been sunny and sometimes into the triple digits. So I decided to plan the day looking at what the temperatures were going to be. Yesterday it was calling for 105 in the desert in SD county, the mountains in the high 90’s and the beach in the 60’s. 

We decided to beat the heat yesterday and head for the beach with the dogs. My two sons and daughter in law joined us. 

I wore shorts and a tank top, which was a mistake. I needed a light jacket. They always say dress in layers for San Diego County, because you will either have to add layers or take them off. You never know. You’d think a native would know this… 

We drove up the coast about 20 miles from the house where the beaches are less crowded. They also allow dogs on the beach here, as they don’t where I live. 

The marine layer of fog stayed all day, with at times rays of sun coming through. The guys had planned on going swimming, but were only able to get the shorts wet. It was way too cold for water. 

We ended up by taking a long walk down the beach, I got some cool looking rocks for my aquarium and my daughter in law and I took a lot of pictures. We had a picnic and stayed for a few hours then headed back home. What a fun day it was though. The dogs really enjoyed it, no sun, and cool weather. They were really in their element. 

Anyway, here are a few photos I snapped, I hope you enjoy. 

#1 Hurricanes to the south

Leave our beaches with a lot of things. This was a whole tree that had washed up from somewhere...

#2 The waves

The waves were only one to two feet tall. But it was a really dangerous ocean this day. There were a lot of rip tides. If you look closely at this photo at the bubbles going out to the ocean on the left hand side in the lull of the waves. This is a rip tide. It was about 15 feet wide. 

#3 Luna

Loved the feel of the deep sand, she ran back and forth. Smiling the whole time. 

#5 Sneaky

The dogs are not allowed to go too far from us. We were in sort of a little cove and they were supposed to stay in this cove area, and not go past the outcroppings. This is Meika trying to sneak around the corner. 

#6 The person…

We had the whole beach to ourselves, but then a walker showed up. The only other person we saw this day. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. Lovely photos and looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. That is the opposite of the problem I have. The beach here is not deserted the streets are and I am not a person that likes crowds. I can walk to the beach but I also know that is where I will find all the locals and the tourists and the beach will be full. I will take some beach days in August but I am so not looking forward to the crowds and I wish I had a beach like yours.

    • It’ll be better as soon as school starts again. I love that time of year here. The tourists leave, and we get our beaches back! We actually had to drive up the coast about twenty miles for a beach that was uncrowded. This one you have to walk a mile down a trail to finally reach this one. Not many people want to do that. Plus for us!

  2. I agree with lacho59: happy you recovered from your pneumonia. Wow, what a setting for a day out. Now this is the type of beach I would love to visit: empty and cool to cold. Your dogs really loved that day out and they expressed their joy really well in a kind of silly way especially when Meika tries to sneak by to go solo… I just hope you did not catch another chill to restart your pneumonia…

    • Thank you History. I still have a cough, and was hoping the same thing. I seem to be fine though. We did only stay for a few hours. You wouldve loved it, and looked at us bundled up like we were clowns. Its almost 70, what are you doing? hahaha.


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