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My Stock of Shadows and Silhouettes ~ Just for Fun

Kim’s Challenge for this month is Shadows and Silhouettes. “She keeps us on our toes.”, According to Carol. I became curious and searched for stocks stored on my laptop. Ta daa… it turns out, there are some here… okay, I’ll post some of them…

#2 How Much?

This is my youngest sister. I took this photo last year in Bali.

How much do you know your friends? Your siblings? Your couple? Or, essentially, yourself?

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#3 Robot to Sunset

Who came and went?

What is rise and disappear?

Is it true?

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#1 Ceramic Vases

“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.”

- Osho

  1. В човека има два човека – единия бодърства в тъмнината, другия спи в светът. – Джубран Джубран

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  1. Даже и в тъмнината и в сянката има любов, която свети отвисоко. Просто погледнете нагоре. – Натаниел Бузолик

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