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Beautiful Blessings ~ JFF

As I told you in the previous post, starting tonight I have a new family member. Yes, a baby kitten.

I was quite fascinated and wonder because she was gray like Susie too. What really impressed me was the perfectly curved black line on his head that reminded me of the Avatar movie, well, even though the line did not form an arrow.

Speaking of blessings, I also immediately remembered Kim’s September Pleasures Challenge.

Eyes that are not yet open…

I put it in the palm of my hand to calm her to stop crying. But she still cried loudly and pushed her head around to find her mother's milk.

  1. Oh goodie so it is a her? Well you know the eventual next step. Have her operated at six months old unless you want a repeat performance of what you are living through now or you want to hear her meowing loudly and screeching in heat. Sorry but I just want to warn you of what will be coming. Better be safe than sorry I always say.

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Not her mother milk

We give her this milk. Milk for infants aged 0-6 months

Sound Asleep

She looked very sound asleep in Susie's bed. Even though 10 minutes ago she shouted again, but after drinking milk, she fell asleep again.

For all my dear friends who have given advice and input for this wonderful blessing baby, I thank you.

She’s stop crying

After drinking a little milk, and maybe feeling the warmth of my both palms, she stops crying and falls asleep.

Awhh… She’s crying loudly

Her loud crying was very heartbreaking.

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