My Brain Is Driving Me Crazy

Since I started working from home again, my brain wants to keep me up til all hours of the night with all the ideas it can possibly throw at me. Which is great when I’m awake, but not so great when I need to get some sleep. Being off my anxiety medication doesn’t help either, fortunately, that is due to be renewed soon.

Usually, a good session with my journal helps my mind focus on what needs to happen, like sleep – but lately that hasn’t been working. My brain wants me to do all the things, and it wants them done like yesterday. But life doesn’t work quite the way my brain wants it to work. So I play the insomnia game most nights, trying to get my rest then getting up to do some work and back and forth I go for most of the night.

Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world with this problem, but I know I can’t possibly be. There’s just too many of us battling insomnia and anxiety in this world. At least my brain is being productive, right? Just at the wrong time and place for such matters. Guess there are worse problems I could have.

Now I’m off to drink some Sleepytime tea and hope for the best.


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