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My First Trip To Fort Knox In Bucksport Maine

Father's Day was also Free Residents Day for Maine State parks, so we went to visit Fort Knox and Lake St George State Park....

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I’m Losing My Drive

It's a slow drain, but I feel it...sucking my drive to be successful and you know, actually make some money, to do the work...

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JuNoWriMo Is Coming…

Are you in? And if so, are you ready? JuNoWriMo starts Friday, June 1st and goes through the entire month of June. The goal...

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I Give Too Much To My Family

My family demands 98% of my time, and it can be frustrating at times - I have things that I need to do as...

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My New Journey

Time to start on a new journey of self-discovery and fulfillment! And I always like to take the path less chosen.

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