A Macro Experiment – 365 Photos #22

This is my 22nd entry for the 365 Photos Challenge. I am actually 5 photos behind now. And the weather for the past few days did not help. It has been raining hard and a tropical storm just went through the country.

The other day, I downloaded Cameringo App on my phone. It’s a camera app for Android. It has a number of features that could turn a phone camera almost as good as a digital camera.

One of the features that I loved is the Macro shot. If you would remember, I used a clip on lens to take a macro shot of an horned beetle. Using the clip on lens is not easy specially on a moving subject.

Since it was raining, I looked for something I could test the macro shot of this app. I found my son’s toy cow and took a few shots of it.

Probably not as good a DSL macro, or even a digital cam macro but considering it’s a free app, I am happy with the outcome. It captured enough sharp details on the cow’s face while the background is blurred.

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