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Leftovers…. and Just for Fun shadows!

These images all had something I didn’t like about them, but I still liked them. 

 They are the leftovers from my recent walks in my area of Southern California. I will tell you what I didn’t like about each one.

 The worst critics of all…. ourselves. I still thought they would be fun to share. 

#1 The palm frond

touching the water. It was hard to get this shot, as it was straight up noon with a bright sunlight filtering through the canopy. 

Now I don't know if its my camera or my lack of knowing how to use it, but I couldn't get the sunlight not to blow out and still keep the shadows from looking black. 

I have a tiny point and shoot Canon Powershot ELPH 180. 

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#2 Luna

This would of been a great shot if the pupils of her eyes were black. I could still edit this one so I saved it. Maybe some cropping could be done. 

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#3 I try to stay awake…

Little Luna after a hard days play. I tried to get her nose as a macro and the rest in the back round, but it didn't come out clear enough and it's too dark. I could probably edit this one and lighten it, but the nose is not defined enough for my liking. 

#4 Poppy

This is a native to California, the crinkled flower petals are so awesome. 

The sun was too bright to take pictures from far away. It was cold this day with the highs only reaching mid 50's the ocean breeze was very cold.  

#5 Close up

I did like this one. I got close enough and found one in the shadows. Perfect for Shadows on the Just for Fun Challenge. 

The strong sunlight made a bokeh effect in the back round. And one lonely fallen petal on a leaf in the back. 

#6 Shadows

I took this one for the challenge. It has the shadow of my camera and Luna resting in the shadows. 

The sunlight was just a little too blown out in this one. 


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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