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Just For Fun Week 3 – Something Manmade – Jason’s Argo

This year, just before Christmas, I had the idea to create some live Christmas wreaths just as my Great-Grandmother had while I was growing up, and try my hand at selling them at a local farmer’s market. While we only sold a few out of many, Jason and I spent a lot of happy, good time together gathering the materials. Pictured here is Jason gathering some cedar branches from atop his Argo for our cedar wreaths. We also made holly and balsam wreaths this year. Wildcrafting is one of our many passions 🙂


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    • Thank you bunches, Carol 🙂 I live for the day Jason finishes building his time machine 😉 He makes me feel like an idiot with all of his mechanical skills… I don’t even know what to call things… Whatchamacallits lol

    • That is a 2000 Argo Bigfoot 6×6 Amphibious vehicle, just to let you know the specs! It has been a Great family farm and play toy, capable of seating 5 very comfortably, and it’ll go about anywhere. The hard top my oldest son Brady and I built out of spare parts and scrap. Making It a Great Father/Son project. The Argo is a very versatile build platform, for any application of outdoor life, and I have loads of video and photo’s of many family fun times, from snow sledding, to hauling firewood!!

      • Ah jeeze, I want one!! I bet it could hadn’t the desert quite well too! Zoom zoom. Have you shared the vids here yet? It’s kind of hard but can be done. Looks like the top was made really well, I thought it came that way, and holds your weight, good job you two.

        • The argo actually survived getting tossed about 100 yards, and thru the front fence in the Cherrystone tornado. We got nailed pretty hard. The thing is tough, the only real damage was a shattered windshield, and dirt jambed into my deer winch/hoist receiver on the top back corner.

    • I love making wreaths also, Kim 🙂 We did have a great time 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, reading, commenting, and upvoting! I wanted to get started in centerpiece making, but the economy here is not supportive of anything artsy except during tourist season. That leaves the winter holidays out.

      • I wish there was a way to sell hand made crafts easier. I have even thought about painting and selling them roadside, but the permits are too pricey here, and even the farmers markets and craft booths are too tough to get in around these parts.

        • The only thing I know of to try next is Etsy. We were able to set our creations up at the local farmer’s market and sell for no fee, but few folks have the extra money around here for anything. It’s quite sad really. Do you have your own website for your paintings? You’re much too talented to not have some way of getting your work out there.