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Just For Fun 7: Oak Trees

I’m glad Kim_Johnson introduced this tree challenge for AprilIf trees aren’t my favorite photographic subject they come close. I don’t know how many posts I can make this week, since I also have important tasks to finish outside this site. I do hope to make more than just this one, since I have so many trees I’d like to share with you.

Oaks are one of my favorite trees. As I write this in April, the trees are just leafing out and getting green again after being naked during the winter. I like them either way — in their new green frocks or naked, showing all their scars and limbs that give them character and make them unique from all other oaks.

(10) Bird Perched in Bare Oak in January

The bird is in a different part of the same oak tree. The galls show up better when seen against the sky. 

So many oak photos. So little space. These photos are all © B. Radisavljevic. 

Which photo do you like best of these?

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(1) Paso Robles Tree Leafing out In March

This oak is just leafing out for spring.  Since it's still early, you can also see some of the tree's uniquely shaped branches. 

(2) Oak Tree in April, with Decorative Owl

I took this photo near the end of April one year. You can see how long its branches are. I actually took the picture because I liked that metal owl sculpture. This tree is on private land in wine country in Paso Robles. 

(3) Metal Owl Sculpture Attached to Oak Tree in Paso Robles

This is the same owl I showed you in the second photo. This time the view is behind the fence, and you can see how the owl is attached to the tree. 

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(4) Oak Tree Beside Vineyard in Paso Robles

This tree lives not too far from the tree with the owl I showed you above.  In the next photo I will show you what's inside the hole in the trunk.

(5) Who Might Live in this Hollow Tree?

As I peeked into the hole, I wondered if a squirrel or other animal might live here or had lived here. What do you think?

(6) Damaged Oak Tree in Paso Robles

This tree lives near the others in this post, except for the top one. The area is Linne Road east of Paso Robles. This tree has suffered damage and is full of mistletoe.

(9) Bare Oak Branch in January with Acorn and Lichens

This is another view of the tree in photo 8. Most of these trees have lichens if they are old. The acorn probably will disappear if a squirrel spots it. 


What do you think?

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    • LOL! I’ll never run out of oak tree photos. When I unloaded my camera after a week of shooting last night, I discovered all the photos I took of the trees in our city park on a walk last week. I thought I’d already unloaded my camera, but life has been so crazy I hadn’t. I left the card in just to get a few more garden or sunset photos. The battery ran out last night before I got one last sky photo.