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Impetus – For Just For Fun

Do not cover me with a roof at home, do not nail me with four walls because there is wisdom old that the song in a cell does not ring Even to be a gilded cell free only just over the world flies Do not bother me for my awake nights that I’m close to the soft bed that sleep when you lie down in your eyelids, I fly with my tiny wing and the distant people are my other, and stop joyful in front of every threshold, and I send very, very tender words after every departing train. The earth warm with both hands envelop my eyes immerse in the bright stars and all I do to the inborn heights Do not judge me for my anxiety about the thirst for ever I seek In my blood I carry disobedience, sprouted in me from my land.

For Just For Fun, which started a few months ago by Kim.

The theme for April is the Trees!

Put in the trees. From photos to quizzes!

Post as much as you like!

Use this # justforfun7 tag

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