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“Favorite Things”

We often play a little game here at home called “Favorite Things”. We simply share our favorite things. It makes us take a new look around and see if we can find some new favorites and appreciate things more. I thought it might be fun to play a little #Favorite-things here on Virily. It’s an opportunity to truly let someone know that you appreciate what they shared. There are times here when the entire day can be changed by one post.

I plan on doing some favorite things and invited anyone here to join me. I found a brand new one that I had not seen or heard before that touched my soul. I choose to believe that somehow, somewhere, Rex Trulove knew he needed to share this. I know it changed the tide of my day.

Lacho59 shared this and it one of the most amazing pictures I have seen. Today it is one of my favorites.

LeJenna has been a real trooper to share her journey with Keto with us. I think it helps us all see what can happen with determination and hard work.

I plan on doing this about  once a week. I doubt they will all be new posts. I think it might be something that will help me find all the good on the site. You are all welcome to join #favorite-things.

What do you think?

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  1. Thank you very much for the mention. I have many passions. Music is one of them and one day, God willing, I will even call myself a passable musician and singer. I have some great role models. I love sharing that sort of thing. Music isn’t my only passion, but it is truly a treasure when something I share can touch someone else in an inspirational way.

    I just might take your challenge. 😀

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