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ABC Desserts ~ Cheesecake

Continuing once again with my new series, ABC Desserts. 

So many choices when I start thinking about which dessert to share. 

For today, I am sharing a “C” dessert. An all time favorite of mine is CHEESECAKE. 

There are many recipes out there, and many ways you can enjoy this wonderful and creamy dessert.

Some will add fruit topping. Some will swirl in brownie batter with the cheesecake. 

Those are all very tasty, but I prefer just plain New York style cheesecake. What about you?

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. The Outback has a new caramel cheesecake (cheesecake drizzled with caramel). But the best cheesecake ever, Carnegie’s Deli, New York City!

    i took the twins when we were in the city. They each got a piece of cheesecake that was bigger than their heads! (not really but you know what I mean)!

  2. Oh I do love a good cheesecake! Not quite sure what a New York cheesecake is, but my son likes to make a baked cheesecake, which is a whole different animal, and very delicious but in a very different way πŸ™‚


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