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Color Crazy Week, and I do process photos!

This is something fun to do if you have extra time. Processing photos! 

Lacho59 posted a wonderful image of some cyclamen blooms that she had made into art through processing. 

You can see it in the link below.

Her photo reminded me of this flower that I was going to share today. While looking for the photos of this purple flower I came across one I had processed. I used it for the cover, and for the first photo. It was super fun to do. 

#3 Have you ever had a plant come up without planting it?

I almost weeded this one when it first popped up, but something about the leaves made me wait and see what it did. 

#4 Pleasant surprise!

It was a good choice in leaving this one. It came up under my pepper tree, and then started getting fuzzy looking fern type sprouts, that grew about 14 inches tall. 

Then these pink/purple blooms appeared. I still have no idea what it was, and it never came up again. 


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  1. Before I started photography I always admired beautiful photos. After reading a few books by famous photographers, I realized that everyone was editing their photos. Yours are also very spectacular. I’m glad I’m the reason for posting this post.

    • So did I! I was an or I guess I still am an oil painter. I always picked out photographs that were in nature, usually wildlife to paint. Nothing like the special lights and darks and framing the pros provide for us to admire. Then I started going out and and taking pictures of around town and landmarks to paint and always provides some kind of wildlife in them. Thank you so much for the compliment. You have once again inspired me.


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