Behind the quiz… What is it? – Difficult Version

The What is it Quiz was made a few days ago. You can find it here. Go check it out before reading further.

Because here are the answers!! I hope you had fun and thank you ALL for participating.

1.  Was an edit that I made long ago and didnt keep the original. I asked what these things were. The are acorns from a Live Oak Tree.

2. Was a moth.

3. Was my house cat. I always thought he looked like a puma. He is on the neighbors roof.

4. Was a deformed tomato.

5. Was my sons snake.

6. Was a Marilyn Monroe look alike.

7. Was taken high noon, during the wildfires. This is smoke.

8. Was a palm tree growing in a big tree.

9. Was mud. Adobe ruins.

10. Was a giant kiln.


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson


      • Erm… if she is in an enclosed box then yes, she is cute… if not then I don’t think I’ll give myself the chance to really look ta her…

        • lol they have her in a very safe glass tank. It looks like a mini desert in the tank. Sand, cool rocks and things. You can find these wild here, and are usually nicer than this snake. She has a bad attitude, and will bite. Her teeth are so sharp, its like getting pierced by a tiny stapler. Ouch.

  1. You threw me off with Marilyn Monroe, out of your norm of photos. Great thinking.
    And the shadow of your cat does look like a puma. Great photos as always.