Arid or the Beach (part 3) and 365 Photos Challenge

It has been a little over a week since I have posted for the 365 Challenge, since these were taken within the last week I thought they would be okay for the this challenge.

If you would like to join in here is the link.

If you would like to participate in the 365 Challenge feel free. Check out the original post seen here. The rules are here: 365 Photos Challenge

If you would like to look at part one of Arid or the Beach you can find it here.

Part two is here.

And here are the last.

#1 Number 119

Pelicans at the beach. 

  1. Very beautiful!!!!! Why aren’t there voting options? Did you turn it off or the admin did it….. (it happens when she thinks it “should be” like that….. :|)?

      • …She was like it was “her mistake”, so I don’t know why she makes such “mistakes” all the time when people turn the voting ON for a reason…..!!!!! Pf!

      • Welcome! Yes, when it happened to me I asked the admin and she said she changed it! I was pissed off because I never asked her to do that and I know I checked the voting option ON when writing articles! Then she put it back as I wanted and then I remembered it also happened to Alex, he didn’t know why there weren’t voting options, so I asked the admin about it and she told me “he asked her to do that because he didn’t want the order of his photos to change”. I told that to him and he said he NEVER said that…..! So I’m pissed of again…..!!! He than wrote to her too and she said she will put it as he want. Maybe you should have a talk with her too….. (I am so angry about these things and THERE ARE MORE….. – when she is actually asked to change something she does it in the WRONG way! :|)

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#2 Number 120 – Meika

My sweet wolfdog, watching the puppy play on the beach. 

#3 Number 121 – The puppy

is a 4 month old Doberman Australian Shepherd cross. And what does she see but a mini me!!!! 

This cute little Min Pin loved her!! 

#4 Number 122 – Greetings

The Miniature Doberman Pinscher was older. He greets her on his back feet, while the pups posture is submissive. 

#5 Number 123 – So cute

The best way to approach a dominate dog is to go to the side and act all cute n stuff. 

#6 Number 124

Notice the dad and kids digging the hole? It was a great day. 

#7 Number 125 – The Chase

Luna trying to get the Min Pin to play chase, her favorite game! 

#8 Number 126

Full run. lol. They had a blast together. 

#9 Number 127

This one was out of focus, but I had to keep it. It is Luna's butt and the Min Pins head, making Luna either really long or just a small head. 

Have a great day and get outside, enjoy nature! 

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