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#Alphabet Crazy Challenge: Letter 'I'

This post lists unusual words that begin with letter ‘I.’ Many of these words are no longer in use. 

People who are learning English as a foreign language will never come across many of these words. This is because newer versions of English dictionaries want to make it easier for nonnative English speakers to learn English as easily as possible.

  1. There are people who fear paying a doctor a visit. When they hear the mention of a doctor, fear creeps in their being. These people are suffering from a phobia known as iatrophobia. This is in contrast to a person who fears seeing a doctor they are not accustomed to. They prefer seeing a doctor they know. These people are said to be suffering from a fear known as xeniatrophobia.
  2. There are people who fear images or hate them with a passion. The fear of images is known as iconophobia.
  3. I know many of us love fish. If you are that kind of person who loves fishe(s), you deserve to be called ichthyophile.
  4. Being inappetent is to lack the desire or appetite to do something. 
  5. You know that lazy good-for-nothing person! That person is an idleback.
  6. Some things can make us to become mad or bad-tempered. Instead of saying you’re bad-tempered, you can say that you’re ill-snored.
  7. You started doing a certain task but you didn’t finish it. The job or task looks unfinished or you hastily completed that task. The job is undesirable. Thus, you did an illaborate job or assignment.
  8. We all know the importance of using euphemistic words. Next time you’re in a bad mood, don’t say “I don’t want to talk now. I’m in a bad mood.” Say, “I don’t want to talk today. I’m ill-blended.”
  9. Have you ever come across people who are unmanageable? No matter what, you can’t manage them? Those people are ill-headed.
  10. We can’t deny one time or another we’ve offered poor excuses or were unwilling/hesitant to do something. You know the ‘iffs, ands or butts.’ I can say that you’ve a lot of iffs because you always provide poor excuses for something. In the olden, it was known as the iffing-and-butting.
  11. Being incredibly stupid is being idiotic.
  12. Lastly, there are people who are unable to cry. Not figuratively, but literary. Illachrymableness describes the inability to cry.


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