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“If they could …” #5 “Just let me sleep…”

This is for Lacho59 “if they could challenge” 

These are the conditions for participation:

1. Required photo in which one or more animals are present.

2. Use the words “If they could ….”in the title

3. Post to the Challenge category.

4. Use hashtag #Iftheycould

This is taken in the Taman Prigen Safari in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We’re allow to drive into the safari and can feed the animals (you have to buy your own carrots and fruits).

Well, we of course didn’t try to feed the Lions … No human sacrifice allowed in the safari.

The king and his harem sleeping soundly on a grass patch in the safari.

The king, sleeping soundly.

We tried to wake up up by calling out and waving to him … and he GROWLED … It’s like he istelling us, “Just let me sleep…” So we …

drove away. What else could we do?


What do you think?

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  1. You were very brave. Good that he wanted to keep sleeping. What will happen if you angry him. It does not irritate the lion when sleeping and is hungry that you will suffer badly. Hahaha.Thank you for continuing the challenge.


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