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“If they could …” #3 “I’m shy…”

This is for Lacho59 “if they could challenge” 

These are the conditions for participation:

1. Required photo in which one or more animals are present.

2. Use the words “If they could ….”in the title

3. Post to the Challenge category.

4. Use hashtag #Iftheycould

This is taken in the Taman Prigen Safari in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We’re allow to drive into the safari and can feed the animals (you have to buy your own carrots and fruits).

Most of the animals are pretty aggressive when it comes to feeding. Once your window is wind down or they see food, the swam around you madly (some even licked the windscreen and window panels….yucks!) But this particular zebra is much more gentle in her approach and seems a little shy.

Eventually we drove to her (instead of her coming to us) and she gets to have her carrots!!

“I’m shy… please don’t take photo of me…”


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Written by alibb