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“If they could …” #4 “Hey! did ya wash your hand?”

This is for Lacho59 “if they could challenge” 

These are the conditions for participation:

1. Required photo in which one or more animals are present.

2. Use the words “If they could ….”in the title

3. Post to the Challenge category.

4. Use hashtag #Iftheycould

This is taken in a “Pet roadshow” in a mall in Surabaya. Other than Rabbits, they’re selling snakes, reptiles and canary also…

Rabbits are so cute. They’re quite resistant to being pad, I guess they must be thinking, “Hey, human, did you wash your hand?”

But soon, they start to actually enjoy being pad. I guess they must be saying, “Good Job, Human! Can you massage my back too?”


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Written by alibb